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Everywhere you look, there he is!


Do you marvel at the athleticism, perfect musculature, gleaming skin and curly locks of Yago? Have you ever walked into the gym and mistaken him for Apollo or some other Greek god? Are you personally coached by him just so he can help you stretch? In other words, do you go ga-ga (or ga-go) over Yago? If you do, then WELCOME TO HIS FAN CLUB!


Don’t be embarrassed if you are guilty of stealing glances at his David-es que form – everyone else does, too! Now you can come out of the closet and just plain STARE – heck, we do! By joining the Yago Fan Club, you, too, can participate in all of the activities involved in Yago worship, including photographing him whenever you want, holding the timer for him during his workouts, counting his reps, squeezing his biceps once a week AND demanding that he take his shirt off during workouts. But best of all, if you join now, you will get the BONUS PRIZE of a PRIVATE COACHING SESSION WITH YAGO! (This bonus prize has not been verified with Yago, but we’re pretty sure he’ll comply.)


Do you feel a void in your life when you can’t do three workouts in a day? Do you seek a higher purpose, such as a 40-inch box jump? Is your idea of spirituality contemplating the immortals of Mt. Olympus? Then YOU are the type of member we seek! And then there’s no better time than to join now!

Membership is available at different levels:

Bronze: Buy one latte per month for Yago – have your picture taken with Yago!
Silver: Buy a sandwich AND a latte for Yago - have Yago help you on a muscle-up
Gold: Make a batch of homemade parilla, the national dish of Argentina - get a personal STRETCHING session with Yago!
Platinum: Make a VEGAN batch of homemade parilla for the President - and get a FREE videotape of Yago demonstrating capoeira with his shirt off!

Join NOW by completing the form below!
We look forward to seeing you at our first meeting!

Miyoko Schinner, President
Toni Zepponi , Vice-President

Positions Open:

Seeking a Treasurer who can keep track of the lattes and sandwiches without indulging in them herself/himself

Membership Application:

Minutes @ gym devoted to admiring Yago (important)
In your opinion, was Yago made in the likeness of (check one, more, or all!):
Apollo (speed)
Hercules (strength)
Bacchus (curly locks)
Il Davide (immortal statue by Michelangelo)
Discus thrower on Beijing Olympics commercial (just not as good lookin’ as Yago!)


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