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CrossFit Providence (website)

CrossFit Providence is a community enhanced by a healthy lifestyle centered around our highly effective workouts, participation in sport, sensible nutrition, education and philanthropy. In ancient Greece, the gym or gymnasium was not only a place for physical exercise but also for scholarly and intellectual pursuits. The Greeks recognized the strong links between athletics, education and health. Ours is an attempt to provide an atmosphere in this spirit, where through hard work and dedication we can reach self-actualization.

At the center of all this is CrossFit Providence, a facility with certified coaches that guide their members through highly effective and fun workouts, a place to facilitate participation in sport and clubs and education on eating well. Our members are a spirited group of people from all walks of life, with common goals, and a shared commitment to TRUE fitness. We also aim to be a positive force in the community by supporting local non-profits with our various fundraisers. To most commercial gyms, actual life-improving fitness is pretty far down on the list of priorities. We aim to change that here.

Come down and meet us. Our introductory workouts are free. We welcome every one of all fitness levels, men and women, old and young. We are out to reclaim the concept of “Physical Culture”, come join us on the way.


304 Pearl St #105
Providence, RI


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